Jawed Habib

A legal action to be taken against Famous Hair Stylist and businessman Jawed Habib following a video clip where he was seen spitting on a woman’s hair at an event in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar which went viral. On Thursday, 6th January, the UP Cops  launched an FIR against Jawed Habib for reportedly spitting over a female’s hair. 

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An FIR has been rostered against the VIP stylist under section 355 ( assault or criminal force  with intent to dishonour person, otherwise than on grave provocation) and 504 ( intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) of the Indian Penal code, and relevant section of the Epidemic Act. After the counterblast, Jawed put out an apology statement concluding a video text. 

javed habib

National Commission for Women put down to Police Officers of Uttar Pradesh, requests for an investigation. On Thursday She said it has been taken to knowledge of the incident and Rekha Sharma, a Chairperson, wrote to the DGP of Uttar Pradesh to look into the matter and take proper action as soon as possible. 

The Woman with whom the occurrence took place said in an interview to Television channels that ”  I took part in the workshop to learn a few things. But he was not replying to my questions.  Later he asked me to come on the stage to teach cutting. I objected, seeing him pushing my head. Then Javed spat twice on my hair and suggested I spit on the customers hair if you feel there is a lack of water in your parlour. The video was made by my husband. As soon as I got down from the stage an assistant of Habib said that he was just kidding. 

 He then stated in a small video clip with a message saying such things are frequently done for fun in workshops, but also apologized genuinely for his behavior if anyone felt hurt.