A kindergarten instructor holds 16 students captive on a regular Thursday. Before she can release them, Naina Jaiswal, a.k.a. Yami Gautam, has one demand: a session with the nation’s Prime Minister. She also threatens to murder the children one by one. There is immediate anxiety and confusion among the worried parents and people. The rest of the film revolves around what goes on next.

Now that you’ve gotten the idea of the story, all we have to say is AMAZING! This is the type of thriller that has been lacking from Indian cinema for quite some time. Indeed, if A Thursday had been released in theatres, without any doubt it would have been a houseful for sure. 

Let’s begin by discussing the movie’s theme and storyline. The Mumbai Cops, commanded by Catherine Alwaris AKA Neha Dhupia and backed by her deputy Javed AKA Atul Kulkarni, fall into disorder while Naina is an accomplished shooter. While Naina live broadcasts her requirements, the Mumbai Cops are having a difficult time. The fact that the lives of small children are at risk will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, what exactly does Naina want? She makes her requirements one by one, and you can’t help but feel terrible for her towards the end.

The film concludes with a powerful message. It’s not simply a thriller; it’s also a rollercoaster of emotions and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. In A Thursday, trauma and violence collide, but for a good reason. In addition, the talks are abrasive. The writing by Behzad Kambata and Ashley Michael Lobo is fascinating and thrilling. The background score by Roshan Dalal and Kaizad Gherda is one of the film’s highlights. It makes a significant contribution to the thrill factor. Everything in the movie from the storyline to the execution is perfect. 

A Thursday is a perfect thriller to watch soon. It’s well-made and has a tight plot. It’s a movie that should have been released in theatres.


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