Atrangi Re, the best film Aanand L Rai has made since Tanu Weds Manu, left everyone in a twirl of sentiments toward the end. The one conviction that is left with is this: we have seen nothing like this before. Writer Himanshu Sharma has written a paean to that odd thing called love. There is joy and agony in that paean and there are a few alarming turns in the story of bent love which made everyone appreciative for the sureness that craftsmanship offers. There is no inconvenience that can’t be fixed.

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Akshay Kumar plays Sajjad, a saint like never before.He is a legend adored by Sara Ali Khan’s fiery Bihari symbol Rinku in a manner we’ve never seen. Rinku’s adoration for Sajjad re-characterizes that entire ample spot where the Indian romantic comedy loves to loll, however barely at any point hits the nail on the head.

This one does, and how! Each time Sara’s Rinku rushes to heave herself into Sajjad’s warm hug 1,000 concealed blossoms sprout in the skyline. Yet, sorry, the genuine legend of the film isn’t Sajjad. It is Vishu, the Tamilian considerate doctor(who is suspected to be Tamilian simply because he’s played by the chief’s beloved entertainer the Tamilian Dhanush). He is a hijacked groom who learns just too early that compulsion is the steppingstone to acknowledgement.

From the get-go in the plot Vishu demonstrates that he is brave past the true to life meaning of the word. There is a messed up commitment service where Rinku is manhandled by the hosts. Vishu grasps her hand and says, ‘Shaadi zabardasti hui hai lekin biwi hai.’ It is quite possibly the most chivalrous moment we’ve found in any new film.

Towards the end when one falsehood might have settled an exceptionally perplexing mental circumstance ,Vishu adheres to reality. Yet, it’s an extremely bizarre truth about something completely false that Rinku has been living with since her adolescence.

Atrangi Re is a wondrous unusual excursion into the core of adoration . It is capably composed and gently coordinated by the man respectability in each person. This is an account of tremendous penances . There are episodes where we the crowd don’t know whether to chuckle or cry. It is likewise a profound jump into mental injury and ailment welcomed on by occasions in the past that leave a profound scar.

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This is in the long run a film about recuperating , loaded up with trusting daylight and giggling. Atrangi Re is an astounding method for finishing the year.When the end-credits moved I had tears in my eyes. Aanand L Rai closes his thrilling circle of drama by sharing the executive credits with arranger A R Rahman(watch out for the deplorable Tumhein mohabbat hai), lyricist Irshad Kamil,and essayist Himanshu Sharma.