Nutra firms and Bollywood legend Suniel Shetty unite for 'WINIndia' COVID-19  movement

The second wave of Covid-19 has been affecting the country and the situation in the country is not stable. Actor Suniel Shetty said that the politicians in the country are not doing enough and everyone should remember this while casting the votes.

“Every politician who is coming onto the seat is thinking of the next five years, and how they will make money and not how they should give back to the system,” says Shetty.

“We are the ones who elected them. (Today), they made us run for beds, they made us run for oxygen, and made us run for air. They made us run for everything.”

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He said that soon the leaders will ask for vote. “Let’s vote good individuals, area wise. Let’s vote for a hardworking human being, who is making a difference. He could be across any political party,” he adds.

He further added, “All of us are going through hell. And it is important to be there for each other, and everybody and anybody, who needs support in any way,” he says.

Suniel Shetty slams the system's inefficiency to deal with Covid-19 second  wave: Today, politicians have made us run for hospital beds and oxygen |  Hindustan Times

All one needs to do is “pick up the phone and ask for help” without any inhibition, shame or embarrassment.

“I have not heard a single ‘no’ till now, not because I am privileged, but because people genuinely want to help. And If it doesn’t happen, it is because it genuinely could not happen,” he admits.

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Comparing the situation last year and this year he said, “Last time, it was about hunger, job and salary. This time, it is more about life. Earlier we heard that somebody here died, somebody there died… This time, you are seeing your city being hit, the people you know, and their relatives who are dying”.

His help has reached Delhi, too. “Today, I can’t do much in Delhi. But every second day, I’m calling people in Delhi asking for help. For the person to whom the help is delivered, it is Suniel Shetty who has made that call, but it is the person whom I am calling who is really helping out.”