Actress Meera Chopra, who has appeared in films like 1920 London and Section 375 recently had a traumatising experience while she was getting her new house ready to move in. The actress has reportedly filed an FIR against her Interior designer. 

As revealed by various sources, Meera Chopra recently bought a new house in Andheri, Mumbai. The actress had hired an Interior designer named Rajinder Diwan who hails from Oshiwara, to design the house. 

The actress apparently paid half the amount to the designer and left for her shoot for 10-15 days, when she returned she saw that the quality of the product the designer had used was of a  very low standard.

After several negotiations and disagreement, the actress requested the designer to return half the money and keep whatever was required but he refused to return the money and after a while, he suddenly disappeared, then Meera filed an FIR in the nearest police station.

The actress further revealed it’s been 2 months already and no action has been taken till now.