Actress Rashmika Mandanna and Actor Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa: The Rise – Part one is a megahit at the box office. The film has gained beyond Rs. 300 crores globally and the Hindi dubbed version of the movie has gained Rs. 89 crore. Actress is gaining good and helpful reviews for the way she performed in the movie, and especially her song ‘Saami Saami’ is receiving amazing feedback. Sources interacted with the actress not long ago and asked her about the success of Pushpa, and also questioned her regarding the second part of the same movie named Pushpa: The Rule. 

While her interaction with the sources she was questioned whether she expected that the film will  receive such a huge response, Rashmika answered, The movie is something on which each and every one of us gave great efforts and worked damn hard on like how my colleague and co-star Allu Arjun keeps mentioning that it is the hard work of four movies which we have put in one. I have been stating every single time that we are going to carry audience completely in a different world. Therefore if I am questioned regarding my expectation of a positive reaction, I had no idea what to expect, it is the greatest movie in my career, and I have never done such a movie like Pushpa till today’s date. So, if someone have never done any such thing earlier, they cannot expect something from it. One believes deep inside that it’s going to be  really great, but we cannot think how great it is going to be. I was confident regarding Pushpa as I had seen how much work is going into it, and I knew what we are trying to bring in front of the audience and what actually the movie is capable of, Rashmika added. 

When Rashmika was asked about the shooting for Pushpa: The Rule, She mentioned that, She does not know if she can disclose that information (laugh). But soon. 

Fans are impatiently waiting for Pushpa: The Rule. The film is slated to launch in theatres in the month of December by the end of this year.