The long hold of the fans of B-town pop vocalist Lucky Ali and music composer Mickey McCleary has finally come to an end. After 26 years, this pair is once again prepared with a new album for their aficionados. The singer-composer duo has been back together since their initial hit album Sanoh in 1996. Now they have also launched the first music track of their new series ‘Intezaar’, but this pair is not going to stop here, but they have more for the fans.

After more than a decade, Mickey McCleary and Lucky Ali have come up with their new song ‘Intezaar’. Apart from having amazing music in this new song, the emotions have been threaded very well with the lyrics of the song. Which brings peace to your mind. He is preparing to bring not just one single but the entire series for his fans.

Lucky Ali’s debut album Sanoh was very successful, after which he was included in Bollywood’s pop singers. Not only is he known for his own music album, he has also lent his voice in Bollywood, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Na Tum Jaane Na Hum. At present, this popular duo of Lucky Ali and Mickey McCleary will now release 10 singles one after the other in the coming year.

With the soundtrack Sunoh, Ali made his first appearance in the Indian entertainment industry, establishing himself as a singer. This album earned numerous honours in Indian music, such as the 1996 Screen Award for Best Pop Male Vocalist and the Channel V Viewers Choice Award in 1997. Sunoh’s track “O Sanam” established his career. It was also nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in 1997. Sifar, his next album, was well-received for its music, lyrics, and singing. Ali became noted for his peculiar musical style as well as his untrained vocals, both of which helped him establish himself as a key figure in Indipop at the time.


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