Ajay Devgn’s movie ‘Runway 34’ will stick to the same date. This upcoming movie has previously stated that the movie is going to release on 29th, April 2022 (Eid release). The movie also stars Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul Preet Singh in key parts. The movie is produced and directed by Ajay Devgn. 

According to the sources, there was some speculation about shifting the release date. But then later it is confirmed that there is absolutely no change in the release date of the movie and the movie is set to launch on 29th, April, 2022. 

The actor-director who previously commented about the film that Runway 34 is a factual story based on true occurrences.”I had to share a little something with you today as I debut the posters with the release date and new title. I can tell you what pulled me to this film like a magnet without giving anything away about the plot because it’s an intense, high-octane thriller (naturally, I can’t give away any spoilers!). Close your eyes and consider this: each of us has undoubtedly been in a scenario in which we felt supremely powerful one minute and absolutely powerless the next. We’ve all had those moments when we thought we could take on the world, only to be thrown off by the following situation. That brewing storm’ within you, toying with your emotions; ripping you apart; that tumultuous ride that makes you wonder if this is a nightmare? Is this a hoax? These are the feelings that come to mind when I think of Runway 34.”

After U Me Aur Hum in 2008 and Shivaay in 2016, Runway 34 is Ajay’s third directorial effort. The team began filming in December 2020. Ajay will play a pilot and Singh will portray the role of his co-pilot in the movie, but the details of Bachchan’s character have been kept under wraps. Angira Dhar also appears in the film. Under the Ajay Devgn FFilms banner.


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