It was expected that Sooryavanshi might figure out how to go past Bang lifetime by the end of the third end of the actual week. However it was constantly expected to be a stretch, there was as yet a possibility. Indeed, this didn’t very end up being the situation however as the movies completed so far is somewhat lesser at 178.60 crores right now.

However the film saw footing on Sunday with 5.33 crores coming in, extremely restricted development on Saturday (3.77 crores) ended up being a spanner in the plans. The film ought to have really gone past the 4.50 crores number at any rate if it somehow managed to challenge Bang quantities of 181 crores yet when that didn’t occur, the stand by just got longer. Obviously, the Akshay Kumar starrer will ultimately go past that number. Notwithstanding, it will take a few additional days.

This has additionally made the excursion towards the 200 Crore Club somewhat troublesome since those a few crores to a great extent could have the entire effect towards that twofold century to be hit. However the following three days would in any case have a place with Sooryavanshi, on Thursday shows up Satyameva Jayate 2 and afterward on Friday it would be Antim. With the two movies having a place with similar interest groups as Sooryavanshi, the effect will be felt by Rohit Shetty directed by the film.