Recently, Akshay Kumar was mocked for his involvement with a pan masala company. The actor has declared that he will no longer be the ambassador for the tobacco product for which he had signed up after receiving a lot of anger from his followers. At 12 a.m. on Thursday, April 21, Akshay Kumar released a statement on social networking site announcing the news. He went so far as to apologise to his admirers.

After Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar became the latest B-town star to endorse Pan masala’s cardamom goods. It’s a company that sells both tobacco and non-tobacco commodities. His fans were not delighted with his decision.

With an Instagram statement, Akshay has apologised to his followers. He also resigned down as the brand’s spokesperson. He wrote a letter in which he penned, I am sorry. I’d like to apologise to all of my supporters and well-wishers. I’ve been tremendously impacted by your response over the last few days. While I do not support tobacco and will not do so in the future, I appreciate your sentiments in light of my affiliation with Vimal Elaichi. I take a step back with utmost humility. 

In addition, the Bollywood entertainer revealed that he has agreed to donate his whole endorsement salary to a good cause. I’ve decided to donate the entire advertising fee to a deserving cause, he continued. The brand may continue to run the commercials until the end of the legally obligated contract, but I pledge to be exceedingly cautious in my future decisions. In exchange, I will always ask for your affection and well wishes.

Shah Rukh and Ajay Devgn were seen greeting Akshay Kumar to the ‘Vimal cosmos’ in a recent ad for the pan masala company. They all gave the Vimal salutation and ate their elaichi (cardamom). Fans of Akshay Kumar were dissatisfied with this. They also released previous videos of him talking out against the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.


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