Ajay Devgn has wrapped up the first session of Abhishek Pathak’s Drishyam 2 and is now working on Bholaa. Drishyam 2’s one week schedule, which started last week was performed in Navi Mumbai. Aside from Ajay and Tabu, the cast included a surprise addition: Akshaye Khanna, who joined the filming. This will be Ajay and Akshaye’s fourth film jointly, and it will be the first time the two stars have worked together in a film in 12 years. Aakrosh was their most recent collaboration (2010).

Ajay and his family, as well as Tabu, grab their adventure from where they left it in Drishyam 2 (as in the Malayalam original version). When additional evidence entangles their family in yet another set of troubles, Vijay is now presented as a rich businessman having a beautiful life with his family. He is hell-bent on defending his family at all terms. The foundation of the story stays the same – how an ignorant man performs a flawless scheme to save his family – but the plot has been adapted to pan-India perceptions from here.

In Drishyam 2, this is where Akshaye Khanna’s role comes in. Apart from the drama, mystery, and adventure, Abhishek and the Drishyam 2 writers have filled out a new character (played by Akshaye) who was absent from Drishyam. He appears to play a cop who is a good friend of Tabu’s and helps her with the investigation. Akshay is expected to play a strong, shrewd, sophisticated, and quick cop on Ajay’s track, determined to put the blame on him. Everyone knows Akshaye is picky about his roles, but when Abhishek told him about it, he fell in love with it. It’s not a cameo, but a full role – one that was written specifically for him and will most likely stand out in terms of impact and execution.

Ajay has previously collaborated with Akshaye in films such as Anees Bazmee’s Deewangee, JP Dutta’s LOC, and Priyadarshan’s Aakrosh.

Ajay (Vijay Salgaonkar), Tabu (IGP Meera Deshmukh), Shriya Saran (Nandini Salgaonkar), and Ajay and Shriya’s two daughters, Ishita Dutta (Anju) and Mrunal Jadhav (Anu), reprise their Drishyam characters in this film (2015). The movie was supposed to start production in the first week of January, however it was postponed owing to the third wave. 


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