Bring your ears closer, because we have a surprise for you! It’s all about none other than Anushka Sharma, the great actress. She’s been given a present! And the news itself fills us with anticipation. Do you want to learn what it is?

Someone give us a good squeeze! Anushka Sharma has taken up rapping! Is this a nightmare or a real situation? Sharma has announced her newfound love for raps just a day after her 34th birthday, and she appears to be on a roll!

The mother-of-one uploaded a video on her Instagram stories revealing her new persona as a rapper, and we’re speechless! Anushka is shown rapping to the words “Yes Ka Time Aa Gaya” with full swag, wrapped in a trendy purple crop jacket, till a filmmaker’s voice saying “Cut” interrupts her performance. While we’re still figuring out what it all means, the tagline in especially has piqued our interest.

With her inquiry, “How many times a day do parents eventually say NO?” Anushka has piqued our (and viewers’) interest. The list just goes on and on, from screen time to meal choices to toy chemicals…the list is limitless! “Are you a “yes” or “no” parent?”

We can’t help wondering what Anushka is saying YES to after all, for someone who is incredibly thoughtful in choosing important and consistent life decisions for her daughter and family, notably a good eating plan.

Anushka’s letter appears to have sparked interest among a number of famous mothers, including Sonam Kapoor, Nataa Stankovi, Karisma Kapoor, and Anita Hassanandani, who have all joined the bandwagon. “I guess I’m going to be a ‘YES’ Mom,” Sonam Kapoor affirmed, while Hardik Pandya’s spouse and Agastya’s mother, Nataa Stankovi, confessed, “Am surprised that ‘YES ka time aa gaya.” In our house, there are still a lot of NOs.” Likewise, Lolo stated that this is the story of her life as well, and that she is attempting to say more YES than NO on a daily basis.


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