Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are usually seen standing by one another in good and bad times. The actress congratulated her spouse for all of his hard work over the years as Virat stepped down as India Test captain. Anushka Sharma poured her heart out in an emotional Instagram post.

Anushka Sharma wrote a long letter to her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli, when he revealed he would be standing down as the Indian cricket team’s Test captain. The actress shared a handful of photos of Virat wearing the white Test Jersey on Instagram, along with a letter expressing her admiration for him and his seven-year tenure as Test captain.

Virat Kohli surprised supporters on Saturday by announcing that he will be stepping down as a Indian Test captain. Shortly after India’s series loss to South Africa, the cricketer posted a statement on Instagram. After MS Dhoni announced his retirement in 2014, Anushka remembers the day Virat was handed the duty of heading the Test team in her note.

I recall MS, you, and I talking later that day, and him making a joke about how rapidly your beard will start to grey. It made us all laugh out loud. I’ve seen more than just your beard greying since that day. I’ve noticed progress. Massive expansion. You have a lot of people around you and you have a lot of people inside of you. And yes, I am quite pleased with your development as the captain of the Indian National Cricket team, as well as the team’s accomplishments under your leadership. However, I’m more delighted and proud of the personal growth you’ve accomplished, she continued.

When he was given the job, Anushka described the couple as “young and naive,” adding that they believed that “only good thoughts, great drive, and motives can carry you ahead in life.” While she agreed that it could, she also stated that it comes with its own set of difficulties.