Nearly after 3 long years, Actress Anushka Sharma’s comeback to the silver screen has been a long wait. As per sources, she is set to sign three projects, she will appear in one OTT original film, which is marked as the largest movie ever shot in India for the digital platform and two of which will be theatrical. 

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“What could be the one of the best things that could happen to the Hindi entertainment industry in 2022 (a new year) is Anushka Sharma’s comeback.” She is expected to appear in three major ventures, two of which are big screen entertainers and one of which is a massively mounted OTT project. The scale at which this project is being conceptualised easily qualifies it as India’s largest film produced for the digital space! We all can expect these declarations to begin early next year, and Anushka’s fans will rejoice at the variety and clutter-breaking projects she will choose to entertain them with,” the sources said.

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Anushka, who is well-known for the journey of delivering the biggest hits in Bollywood Industry, combined with her brilliant, versatile acting proficiency, already makes everybody talk about her.” As a result, her declaration is likely to spark lively buzz among audiences. She has always liked and wanted to be a part of the best movie being produced by the Bollywood entertainment industry, and these new choices will reflect her desire to choose  new and fresh entertainers. She now wants to focus on her career of acting and wants to be a part of cinemas that have different storylines with great packs of entertainment, sources further added.

Anushka Sharma has three films that have grossed more than Rupees 300 crore: Sultan, PK, and Sanju. With her baby daughter Vamika soon turning one year old on 11th February, the actress Anushka is all set to bang the silver screen once more.