Attack movie review: John Abraham has returned as a soldier but with more style than nationalism this time.

The Attack trailer exceeded expectations in more ways than one, with a fantastic blend of futuristic sci-fi aspects and slick action set against the backdrop of well-crafted and, more interestingly, believable VFX, as well as, of course, a brawny John Abraham doing what he does best – hitting bad fellows to a pulp.

If movies have taught us something, it’s that trailers may skyrocket hopes only to be dashed in the real picture. Plus, the main character of a super-soldier that John plays in Attack will be very familiar to action addicts brought up on a Tinseltown staple diet, as it’s been multiple times peddled with different levels of success in films like the Universal Soldier franchise, Marvel’s Captain America and Avengers tent poles, Bloodshot, Outside the Wire, the Robocop saga, and so on, creating Lakshya Raj Anand’s directorial is the more challenging.

After a close attack left him physically, psychologically, and emotionally incapacitated, Indian Army special-ops officer Arjun (John Abraham) is allowed to transform into the nation’s first super-soldier with the help of sophisticated advanced AI.

Kudos to the whole crew for actually trying something new in Indian cinema, and even more so for pulling it off, at least in the parts that matter – the action, the VFX, the high tech techno talk, and the clarification for the general public to understand the concept and the whole content without dumbing down for those with a better understanding of such ideas.

Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Rajit Kapur, and Ratna Pathak Shah, on the other hand, contribute magnificently to the more dramatic moments. It’s also great to see veteran entertainer Kiran Kumar in a popular Bollywood film after such a long time, especially in a role that fits his personality. Despite never sticking out, Aarif Sheikh’s editing skills and Will Humphris, P. S. Vinod, and Soumik Mukherjee’s cinematography skills get the job done.


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