After Sooryavanshi, Akshay Kumar is back with another mainstream entertainer, this time an adaptation of the Tamil film ‘Jigarthanda.’ Kriti Sanon has played Siddharth and Akshay Kumar has played Bobby. However, Bachchhan Paandey has a lot of masala, and this is a typical Sajid Nadiadwala flick.

Sajid knows how to develop a film that can be loved by families and viewers of all socioeconomic strata, and he has done it before. In numerous situations, Arshad Warsi as Kriti’s sidekick elicits laughter, and Kriti is stunning and has come a long way since ‘Mimi.’ We have no doubts that she is the next Param Sundari in Bollywood. Kriti as Myra Devekar has given a strong performance and is currently on a roll.

The film is technically strong, with cinematography that shows bloodshed and gore sequences against a dry setting and romance scenes against a bright backdrop, with the variations depicted beautifully in every frame. In the end, Akshay Kumar carries the entire film on his shoulders, and he is unstoppable in this brutal persona. Jacqueline and other artists are merely fillers who have no other purpose but to fill spaces.

Let me tell you the synopsis of the movie, Myra (Kriti Sanon) is a filmmaker who wants to create a true-life mafia biography. After searching the entire country for thugs and rogues, they ultimately settle on Bachchhan Paandey, aka Akshay Kumar. Bachchhan Paandey is one of Baghwa’s gangsters with one stone eye. His heart, like his eyes, is made of stone. He doesn’t even consider before killing someone for a second. Myra travels to Baghwa with her buddy Vishu, who is Arsad Warsi, in order to learn everything she can about Bachchan Pandey in order to make a movie on him. The storyline is all about action, comedy, drama, and action.


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