The Khatra Khatra Program, the country’s first participatory reality game show, is back for a second season. The first season of Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa’s show was a smash hit, and it appears that the second season will be as well.

Bharti and Haarsh Limbhachiyaa have proven time and time again to be the top presenters in the entertainment world. The adorable real-life couple once again shown why they have been conquering the roost with their excellent and unexpected hosting talents.

Farah Khan, a well-known Bollywood director and choreographer, is on board this time. Farah is known for her lethal presence of mind and vicious and bizarre one-liners, in addition to her great dancing skills and gift of gab. Farah, who co-hosted the inaugural episode with Bharti and Haarsh, excelled every aspect of her presentation on camera. Jacqueline Fernandez, a Bollywood actress, was also cast in the second season premiere. As part of the duty, the actress was forced to prepare tea while people dressed in zombie costumes terrified her.

Along with Bharti, Haarsh, Farah, and Jacqueline, Bigg Boss 15’s Nishant Bhat, Karan Kundra, and actor Vishal Singh were also seen having a good time on the show. The group was forced to play several games that the studio audience had suggested. The games were interesting, and seeing the boys do the stints made them much more so.

Bharti, who is presently in her third trimester of pregnancy, was spotted as usual putting it all at work. The comedienne-turned-host has been juggling like a champ, taking care of her upcoming baby while still delighting her fans as the perfect host.

Haarsh, like always, was amusing and entertaining, as he delivered a slew of laughs thanks to his impeccable comic timing and hosting abilities.

Overall, The Khatra Khatra Show season 2’s first episode seems intriguing and provides a break from the viewer’s usually stressful lives.


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