India’s Music giant, T Series has finally put an end on years of disagreement by becoming a member of the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS). This move will provide game-changing boost to the IPRS.

On Wednesday, Bhushan Kumar’s Super Cassettes Industries Ltd (Tseries) and Indian Performing Right Society Limited announced in a joint press release that the music giant has joined the membership of IPRS.

Super Cassettes Industries Ltd, popularly known as T-Series is currently India’s top Music label and also the biggest Film Production studio in the country. It is owned by Mr. Bhushan Kumar, who will now bring a vast music library of more than 200,000 titles to IPRS. IPRS which is the registered Indian Copyright Society is authorized under the Copyright Act. It represents music composers, lyricists and owner publishers of music.

Now T-series will benefit the authors and music composer members of IPRS. IPRS will in return represent the T-Series music publishing catalogue of lyrics and musical compositions. The society will license a wide variety of platforms and businesses.

While terming it as a win-win proposition, Chairman of IPRS, Mr. Javed Akhtar said, “I see this as a homecoming for T-Series and thank Mr Bhushan Kumar and the T-Series family from the bottom of my heart for entrusting IPRS with its copyright catalogue once again. This is a win-win proposition for T-Series and for our author and music composer members who will benefit tremendously. The entire music industry is united today in its determination that creators, music businesses all will work together for the common cause.”

According to Chairman and Managing Director of T-Series, Mr. Bhushan Kumar,  the decision was taken by keeping in mind the interest of entire music industry. He said, “Copyright is in the heart and soul of what T-Series creates. Our joining IPRS is a logical progression for the company. We took this decision in the interest of the entire music industry – today the entire industry, creators, music businesses, all united, represent a seamless coalition of stakeholders contributing to our country’s progress and working together in our common interest. T-Series will bring more value to IPRS and its members. We look forward to IPRS growing even more with our support in the future so that it can benefit the creator community and the industry even more”.

T-Series is a hugely successful incubation lab which gave platform to many young talented creators. These talented minds will now benefit from their association with IPRS.