Vikas Gupta re-entered the Bigg Boss 14 house on Monday’s episode, after spending some time outside due to health issues.

Mastermind Vikas Gupta who had to step out of the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 14, returned on Monday’s episode. He had to leave the show due to health reasons and had been under observation of doctors.

On Monday’s episode, Vikas made his entry during a task and he was first asked to chose between AlyGoni and Rahul Vaidya for the task, before meeting anyone in the house. The task was to choose the person responsible for maximum rule-breaks inside the house. Though everyone expected Vikas to choose Aly, as they have had ugly fights, he chooseRahul.

This is third time that Vikas made his entry on the show. After entering the show as a challenger on the mid-season finale last month, Vikas was kicked out of the show for pushing Arshi Khan into the swimming pool after a fight with her. He later returned but had to step out last week due to medical problems.

In a video snippet that has surfaced online, Vikas and Devoleena Bhattacharjee are seen discussing EijazKhan. Devoleena also entered the show on Monday’s episode, as a proxy for Eijaz who stepped out due to prior commitments.

However Kashmera Shah, who too was a challenger in the show, seems to be quite irked with his re-entering in the house. The actress is of the opinion that this entering and exiting policy compromises the authenticity of the show as it is unfair on the other contestants who haven’t stepped out of the Bigg Boss house.

“Very honestly, I don’t like this entering and exiting policy at all because the authenticity of the show gets compromised. I love watching ‘Bigg Boss’ and have always followed the show. When people exit, they get to know people who were genuine friends and people who weren’t; they also understand their game. Each contestant is playing their own game, but when one person goes out and comes back at their will, it is not fair on the other contestants.’’ She said.