Big Boss OTT has started with a blast and while some people are loving the show some are finding it average. Before starting with the new season of Big Boss, the makers have tried to leverage the OTT platform and have cashed in on the craze of the OTT platform amongst the youth. 

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Several contestants are making the show worth watching and were famous already even before entering the show like Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehajpal, Akshara Singh, Raqesh Bapat, Neha Bhasin and the most talked about contestant Shilpa Shetty’s sister Shamita Shetty.

Now, while people are going gaga over Pratik Sehajpal and his game we are not so sure if we can say the same thing about Shamita’s game because as it seems the majority of viewers are not in awe of how Shamita is coming off as a person on the show. Now, this can also happen because those people do not often like when a woman is opinionated and strong and knows exactly what she wants, which is what Shamita Shetty’s personality is like.

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Now, let’s look at the few reasons why people are hating Shamita Shetty on the show:

  1. She is coming off as dominating: The concept of Big Boss OTT initially was about connections however now those connections have been ended. Shamita’s connection was Raqesh Bapat, in the beginning, it all felt nice and they seemed to be bonding well but as the show moved forward Shamita because of her loud and expressive nature started coming off as dominating and the viewers did not like it one bit.
  2. Arrogant: Because of Shamita’s loud personality she can also seem to be arrogant sometimes. And with her ongoing feud with Divya Agarwal, the viewers have targeted Shamita saying that she sounds arrogant at times.
  3. Controlling: Just because Raqesh Bapat is quiet by nature and does not speak up for himself, whenever Shamita is with him and even if she nicely tells him to not do something she comes off as a controlling person.
  4. Anger Issues: Now, Shamita definitely has some anger issues and that’s very evident but when you are in a show like Big Boss even the calmest person in the world can lose his\her patience in a second because that is what a place like Big Boss does to you. 
  5. Irritating: Some of the haters are also of the opinion that Shamita and her voice irritates them. Many tweets are being made by renowned celebrities like Kamya Punjabi saying that Shamita’s behaviour is irritating.
  6. She tries to dictate people: Again, just because Shamita is in connection with a guy who is way too quiet she seems loud in comparison. Many times when Nishant has commented anything negative about Shamita or her connection with Raqesh and Raqesh did not stand up for her Shamita was seen shouting at him and in a way dictating him saying that he should have stood up for her.
  7. Over emotional: Many viewers think that Shamita sometimes fails in controlling her emotions which results in all the agitation. In some of the tweets, it was also suggested that she should go and see a therapist. Because Shamita is always seen talking about her past experiences and trauma and her haters believe if she is going through so much in her life she should go see a psychiatrist and not come in a show like Big Boss.

In addition to all these pointers, one more important thing to add which is making people hate Shamita Shetty, even more, is the alleged biased behaviour by the host Karan Johar towards her. Karan is already hated enough for all the nepotism that he does in the Bollywood industry and according to BB viewers, he is doing the exact thing with Shamita in Big Boss. In many instances, he is seen to be favouring her even when she was in the wrong.

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Despite all these reasons many of the fans are also loving her and her strong-willed personality on the show. And, are also loving her Tom and Jerry kind of relationship with Raqesh by using the #ShaRa. People are adoring Shamita’s friendship with Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal.