Blank is an upcoming Hindi movie, which includes mystery-thriller in it and directed by Behzad Khambata starring Sunny Deol and Karan Kapadia in lead characters, and will be released on 3 May 2019.

The Trailer of this movie released today and which has an attracting tagline which is, “A live bomb. A blank mind. Will terrorism win this time?” this unique tagline is attracting lots of people and also forcing them to think about the film and its plot.

The trailer hits the opening with a Sunny Deol dialogue: “Terrorism has no face. It has only one religion and that is money”. Then it introduces Karan Kapadia’s character who plays the role of a suicide bomber who accidentally loses his memory while on a mission to Mumbai. Now, the question with the intelligence bureau arises is what should be done with a suicide bomber who has lost his memory but has a bomb attached to his chest, which can destroy thousands of innocent lives ,if he is killed or even the bomb is detached from him.

This interesting trailer makes anyone scratch their head and thinking about the plot of the film.