A fresh update in the Aryan Khan issue has shown that major findings in the Special Investigation Team (SIT) report imply that there is no evidence that Aryan Khan was involved in a plot, and that his phone should not have been taken from him because no drugs were found in his possession. To get a comment on these accusations, sources reached out to a source close to the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) Mumbai unit.


“Previously, two courts had denied bail in these cases, therefore we cannot say the NCB’s action was wrong because the issue is under appeal,” the source said in response to the reports.

“The SIT that was constituted had the duty of looking into the corrupt angle and not the merits of the case,” the source stated of the SIT’s goal. It’s up to the courts to make that decision.”

“It’s significant to strengthen here that the zonal chief of the Narcotics control bureau Doesn’t have the capacity to agree to the arrest,” the source said.

The fact that NCB authorities did not perform the raid with accompanying video footage was one of the primary findings in the SIT investigation. “There is no standard operating procedure (SOP) for video clips of raids,” the person reacted.

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Finally, the insider said that NCB officials have been unfairly attacked, adding, “A lot of claims made against NCB officials were made by politicians and others with vendetta and malice in this matter.” On numerous occasions, the Bombay High Court has aided this. In addition, the Mumbai police SIT had previously filed a closure report on the alleged false claims.”

On a work font, Aryan Khan is busy with script writing for the web show and movies because as he is not interested in acting in movies. 


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