Celina Jaitly took to her Instagram account and shared an emotional note for her best friend Viraj Rai as he passed away.

Picture Courtesy: Official Instagram Account/Celina Jaitly

Taking to her Instagram account, Celina Jaitly wrote an emotional and heartfelt note for her best friend, Viraj Rai, as he passed away. She shared a picture with him and and described his demise as a heartbreak one can feel in his bones.

This is what the actress had to write- “Amongst all the terrible things that happened these 2 years, I must find the courage to say goodbye to my best friend too. It’s the kind of heartache you can feel in your bones.” (sic)

Have a look at the entire post right here:

And a few months back, the actress even got candid about her depression to Pinkvilla, the lowest phase of her life and this is what she had to say- “Getting better from depression is a lifelong commitment. Depression mostly doesn’t show. It lives within, and people don’t recognise it, worrying that it will shatter their very being. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden. Therefore, get help, eliminate from your life all those who bring you down or add to the negativity, exercise (believe me, it helps), don’t be shy to ask for help.”

She finally came back with Seasons Greetings- A Tribute to Rituporno Ghosh, a film that tackles the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Playing this character didn’t come easy for her as she had lost her mother. Speaking about essaying this role, she stated, “I remember while I was super excited to play Romita, when it came to my scenes with the wonderful and gorgeous Lillette, exploring a mother-daughter relationship aspect in the story was not easy. Having just lost my mother, it was tough to say the word Ma and not have a breakdown. I cried a lot on the sets. Only Ram knew about it, and he comforted me throughout.”