The New Haryanvi Song which is going to Intoxicate you by it’s lyrics, music and composition is available now for watching. Check the new Haryanvi song “Daru aale peg” sung by Haryanvi singer Amit Saini Rohtakiya.

Music and composition is done by Amit Saini Rohtakiya. Mohit Beniwal and Arvind Beniwal are the Director and Assistant director of this song. Not just directed but lyrics of this song is also written by Mohit Beniwal. Shree Suresh Baniwal is the producer of this song.

There is a skill required in presenting a character and creating a story. Not just lyrics and composition are enough to make a song superhit. And that thing  is done very well in this song. Story is according to lyrics, as the starting of this song is from line “Are Daru ne basaya mai te, mar liya tha.. Re gaane gaan waala dhanda shuru kr liya tha..” at the same time, friends of male lead are soothing him in the story of the song, is presented well. Music is in sad version that can touch the heart of audience. The song is proper combination of Motivation, Self respect and Emotions. Rhythm of lyrics is well maintained. The music and pitch match the voice of singer. 

But on the other side drinking is not something good. And lyrics of this song include the word “Daru”. So, the people who don’t like alcohol and are against it may not like this song. Otherwise, the Song is well. Fans of Haryanvi songs are definitely going to like this song.

In 24 hours, Daru aale peg song got more than 11K likes and approximately 92K people have watched this video. Response of audience is overall good. For more information, watch this on YouTube channel Haryanvi Swag Music


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