Bollywood star Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband, Virat Kohli welcomed a baby girl, the newest addition to their family on Monday. Fans already got bonkers about it as they congratulated the couple with good wishes.

Moreover a popular dairy brand, known for its trendy cartoons that highlight the biggest events of the week, dedicated a special cartoon to mark the birth of baby Sharma-Kohli.

“Bowled over by this delivery!” read the headline on the artwork that saw a cartoon of Virat and Anushka sitting by their baby’s cradle and holding her hand.

The power couple has been lauded for shattering stereotypes by ditching the colours blue and pink for a non-binary colour – yellow – to announce the birth of their baby.

Virat also posted on Instagram assuring all that both mommy and baby are healthy and well. On behalf of his wife and family, the star also asked fans and friends for some privacy. Amidst the excitement, a photo shared by Virat’s brother went viral with many assuming that it was a photo of the baby’s feet. However, it was later clarified that it was a stock image and not the actual photo.