When it comes to the intellectual capabilities of the political elite in India, the phrase “Koi Bhi Mantri Ban Jata Hai” is not exactly rare. Owing to the fact that just five to six very well-known names spring to mind when you think of eligible individuals in politics today, this is not inaccurate. Dasvi takes place in the aftermath of a teacher recruitment scandal. Those who keep up with political news would be aware that a former Haryana chief minister was punished with ten years in prison for cheating on a teacher recruitment examination. Given the Haryanvi accent used throughout the movie and the setting, it’s reasonable to believe that some of the motivation came from there. Dasvi is a film important to Abhishek Bachchan’s heart, he has said. The actor also stated that he is a private person who keeps his work to himself, but Dasvi is a film that he believes his fans should see because of its subject matter.

For the teacher recruitment scandal, Ganga Ram Chaudhary, the Chief Minister of a fictional Harit Pradesh, is placed in judicial detention. He intends to sit for the 10th examinations alongside the student undertrials in order to avoid working as a carpenter in the prison. As we saw in Maharani, his wife Bimla is tasked with handling his position while he is imprisoned. Will he be entirely transformed by education? This is the essence of Dasvi.

Dasvi is a movie with good intentions. In today’s world, having people with a better education in the political system has become increasingly important. Gangaram Chaudhary is played by Abhishek Bachchan, who has a great time in the part. In many aspects, Junior Bachchan’s bravado, natural talent for comedy, and quips make this a typical persona delightful. However, the writers do little to develop the personality to the next level, which is disappointing. Jyoti Deswal, the upright firebrand jail superintendent, is played well by Yami Gautam. The moments between the duo are among the most memorable in the movie. The actors do an excellent job, even if the side roles are caricatures. Nimrat Kaur’s character is the most intriguing, yet it appears to be spotty.


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