In the year 2019, bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and producer Madhu Mantena announced their ambitious project on the epic tale of Mahabharata through the eyes of Draupadi. The producer has confirmed that the movie is very much in making but it will take off after Ramayana. Madhu said that he and Deepika are working together on the projects.

Producer Madhu Mantena talked to an entertainment portal about his collaboration with Deepika for their upcoming projects.

While speaking about his ambitious project Mahabharata, Madhu said, “Deepika and I are making it together, but it’s going to be Ramayana first. These things take time and we don’t want to be irresponsible in our approach. Deepika and I are trying to do the Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view because we want the people to understand who Draupadi is. There is a lot of research that’s going on (as we speak).”

He further added that they have already reached the process of zeroing down on the material for the final screenplay.

If Deepika is finalised for the role in Ramayana, she would become the first actor to play the two most important characters from Indian mythology- Sita and Draupadi.

Madhu also said, “Various drafts are being worked upon. Deepika is not making this film because she is an actor, she is making it because she and I strongly feel that it’s a great story that is to be told from Draupadi’s point of view. We are working hard to put everything together. These projects do take time, and we all know that. These are not small responsibilities; we are looking to create a world which has not been seen before.”

Though Ramayana’s casting has been kept under the wraps so far, but Madhu promised that he will announce the complete star cast of the epic drama film in or around Diwali. He said that the audience should expect a grand starcast.