Amidst all the drama surrounding the release of Padmaavat and the myriad controversies that have made headlines, one very important commentary from the lead actress of the film has gone unnoticed. On the popular chat show, Vogue BFFs, which is host by Neha Dhupia.

Neha asked Deepika Padukone if she was paid more than Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor for Padmaavat what will you feel or do.

“Talking about this Deepika said: My remuneration for me is not exciting. I am confident and comfortable with what I get paid. But something that I am extremely proud of is the fact that they have invested so much money on a film like this and a poster like this, featuring me on it. That makes me proud and that for me is hugely encouraging. It’s the turning point for Indian Cinema, I haven’t seen this happen before. I think this is the great beginning of big things and a lot of amazing and great things to happen to women in films.”

We are total with Deepika on this becoming a turning point. Considering how Hollywood is currently bringing the so far shunned pay-disparity debate out in the open, for Deepika to call it out and admit to getting paid more than her male counterparts is a BIG deal!

Actresses have whined and complained about being paid less than their co-stars, within close quarters. But the conversation which is coming out in the open on account of two reasons – social media providing everyone with the access to debate this issue and women-centric films (Queen, Piku, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Neerja, Tumhari Sulu) making money at the ticket window and winning critical acclaim.

Actresses are paid far lesser salaries than their male counterparts but Deepika’s Padmaavat paycheck could bring a much-required change. The hope is that Deepika’s quote on being paid more than Shahid and Ranveer is seen in the right way and doesn’t go into the wrong context, becoming fodder for actresses to bicker or pull each other down.