Rimi Sen, who had almost vanished, has reappeared to make a comeback. Sen will appear in a music video after making waves in Yash Raj Films’ ‘Dhoom.’ Prerna Arora will be in charge of this project. The filming will begin on April 12th.

As you all know, I have been gone from the movies and the industry for the simple reason that – I tried so many things, various kinds of films, but I never could get that creative fulfillment which I had been yearning for all this time, Rimi told the sources. 

She went on to say, I’ve never wanted to work for the sake of money; instead, I’ve always wanted to work for the sake of my creative joy. That was my sole objective. I was completely perplexed at the time, so I began working mainly with major studios and performers, never paying attention to my part and making a major blunder.

She further added, But, after a few years, I realised that I couldn’t keep going the same way. I need to take a step back for a moment. I’ll have to take a break from my job for a bit. And I began approaching filmmakers like Sriram Raghavan and others for projects. Then I did movies like ‘Johnny Gaddar’ and ‘Sankat City,’ but they weren’t very successful at the box office. 

Explaining further, I I realised that in order to be creatively fulfilled, you don’t have to always perform; you can also direct and produce. With the rise of OTT platforms, everything has changed for everyone. As a result, I considered becoming a producer. In 2015, I directed a film called ‘Budhiya Singh Won’t Run,’ which won us a National Award. Then I was pleased with the reaction ‘Budhiya Singh’ received.

When it came to Prerna, Rimi stated, Actually, I’ve known her for quite some time. We lost touch, though, since she was preoccupied with her own work and I was preoccupied with mine. As a woman with no creative or ‘filmi’ background, she has accomplished and demonstrated things that many others will not be able to. For that, I admire her.

Prerna, on the other hand, is ecstatic about the collaboration. “Rimi and I had a connection. We got along swimmingly. She is a stunning and talented young lady. I’m excited for the shoot to begin.


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