Since Imtiaz Ali bought the biopic rights to Amar Singh Chamkila, buzz has been widespread over who will portray the major part in the film. Ayushmann Khurrana and Kartik Aaryan were both considered for the part. It is now being claimed that neither of the two stars has been chosen for the project. In fact, vocalist cum actor Diljit Dosanjh will star in this biopic.

According to the sources, the biopic’s producers were looking for an actor who could also sing. Imtiaz Ali’s project is unique, and he needed someone that could embody the character. When Diljit Dosanjh was approached, he was quickly on board because Chamkila is one of his musical heroes. According to reports, the Punjabi singer-actor would also perform some original music written by Amar Singh Chamkila. 

The film’s rights have already been purchased by Imtiaz Ali. Over the last year, he has been paying monthly visits to Chamkila’s son Jaiman Chamkila home in Ludhiana, keeping the family informed about the biopic’s progress. Despite the fact that the movie will be a mix of facts and fantasy, Imtiaz Ali will make it a massive success. He has finished scripting and has made changes to it throughout time. The plot will include Amar Singh Chamkila’s love life, controversies, music, and tragedy. Window Seat Films will produce the movie in collaboration with Reliance Entertainment.

Amar Singh Chamkila was a lyricist, musician, and composer for the uninitiated. He was a Punjabi performer who went by the stage name Chamkila and was widely considered as one of the best Punjabi entertainment industry had ever seen. His music reflected his surroundings to a large extent. The tracks were a satirical look at Punjabi culture. ‘Takue Te Takua’ and ‘Pehle Lalkare Naal’ are two of his most well-known singles.

Diljit Dosanjh most recently appeared in the Punjabi movie Honsla Rakh and the Hindi film Good Newwz. After releasing his album Moonchild last year, he is currently preparing for a music tour in India.


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