The famous Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh is very proud of his starting in the Punjabi film industry. He told that he is very happy because he started his journey from Punjab, He can easily express what he feels in Punjabi language, it is very difficult for him to explain same in English or Hindi.

“In the Punjabi film industry, I can easily make films the way I want to. Last year, I made ‘Sajjan Singh Rangroot’. It was a war-based film. Commercially, it wasn’t a hit but I wanted to make a film on it so, I did. In Bollywood, I can’t make films the way I want to. The scale is bigger and I haven’t reached that level,” he said.

In a statement to IANS Diljit said: “I like south Indian films… the action and all. My make-up person is from the south. He keeps telling me telling the names of superstars from south India. If I get a good film from there, I will do it,”.

Let us tell you Diljit has done the various project in his life which also includes Hindi movies like “Good News” and “Arjun Patiala”.