Director Hansal Mehta has shared his thoughts on love, which he depicted in the ‘Modern Love Mumbai’ section ‘Baai.’ The anthology includes six different types of wonderful love stories. Mehta, who previously showcased his storytelling prowess in an anthology with ‘Das Kahaniyaan,’ is back with a love story called ‘Baai.’
Well the director paved his way to his social network sites and thanked his team members for making his work easy and gave him constant and full support. He said that the this work of his is something really different yet he is proud of what he has done. He thanked the team members , the actors, the background sound team, the writers and the the script makers, the singers, the composers and each and every individual who was a associated with this film and made this film possible. He showed his indebted gratitude and love to everyone.
True love is when two people get attached by way of soul. To me, love is when someone is embraced wholeheartedly for who they are, without any obstacles or preconceptions” he cites. Baai’ honours and captures that unconditional love that we all crave regardless of the nature of our relationships. “It’s love that is free from labels, judgements and pressure,” the filmmaker stated. The movie is based of the love story of homosexual people who are different from each other, yet same. The couple roles are played by the famous Scam 1992 artist Prateek Gandhi and the famous chef Ranveer Brar. Well Prateek is a actor by profession but it was Ranveer’s first appearance as an actor and that too such a different role. Both the actors have expressed their gratitude to the director Hansal Mehta, as he was the one who showed his beleif and trusted that the actors could make it possible .There’s no boundary for love and this is what Hansal’s movie Baai depicts.


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