There are lots of buzz around the Slow Motion song from the film Bharat, in which we can see Disha in her hot, stunning looks in a Yellow sari, which gives sensual wives. In this song, Disha has been seen with her sari pallu twisted like a rope and thrown over her shoulder, which creates an essence of this song. On Youtube, this song has crossed over 24 million views in 24 hours.

But on the other hand, this song has left many people asking “Where is the sari?”The famous textile designer Gaurang Shah said: “Well, everyone one has a choice to reinvent, but that doesn’t mean you do away with fundamental essence that made sari a beautiful attire for generations. It is a celebration of our cultural legacy and heritage. A sari is a sari. You must drape it in a manner that retains its magnificent character.” 

Designer Varija Bajaj also commented: “Designers all across are working of reinventing the classic saris into sari gowns, lehenga saris, saris with jeans and some of them are extremely beautiful inventions.” 
“There is a very thin line between a beautiful innovation and a tragic disaster when it comes to designers reinventing a sari. A poor rendition not only looks distasteful, but also kills the very essence of feminism in a sari, and I guess that forms the majority chunk of such reinventions.”

While on the other hand according to Designer Ritu Kumar: “A sari is an unstitched garment and it is worn in different ways in different parts of the country. A sari can come in nine yards to three yards. There is no standardization of a sari and there never has been,” said Kumar, adding that there is no “traditional way or a hard and fast rule to wear a sari”, It happens to be the most provocative and versatile garment in the world. It is somebody’s choice of how you want to wear it.