With her forthcoming supernatural programme Naagin 6, Television Czarina Ekta Kapoor is all prepared to thrill her fans.

The show has a lot of fans that are quite enthusiastic about it. Tejasswi Prakash will play the main role in Naagin 6, which will air on February 12 and will save the globe from dangerous diseases. Apart from Tejasswi, the show will reportedly feature Simba Nagpal, Sudhaa Chandran, Mahekk Chahal, Urvashi Dholakia, and Manit Joura. When the trailer for Naagin 6 was launched, fans immediately mocked the producers for the story’s concentration on the current pandemic. The plot of Naagin 6 was thought to be amusing.

In an interview with the sources, Ekta opened up about being ridiculed for the Naagin 6 tale and claimed that she feels less pressure now that she has completed the six seasons. She even stated that she isn’t under pressure because the previous two seasons did not perform well on the TRP ratings, but the weekend numbers were far higher than other programs.

Ekta even stated that she is not bound by precedent because the previous two seasons were such a success that she wants Naagin 6 to be even bigger. ‘Ke mujhe gaaliyaan padne waali hai,’ Ekta added, ‘because agar yehi kaam koi truly celebrated maker karta, things would have been different.’ She stated that she expects criticism and that she is alright with it because she did not specifically mention Corona, but rather intended to convey what people have been through in the last two years.

Ekta later responded to the persisting rumour that Bigg Boss 15 champion Tejasswi Prakash had won the show because she was picked as the main character in Naagin 6. She also said, “I am delighted. Everyone else will have to see her on the show at some point, and I wanted someone this season who was vibrant but innocent. Tejasswi was cast as a hesitant hero, which was the role we wanted him to play. We spoke with Tejasswi’s management and signed her, and she told us that she would be on board. I had seen her before the show. I really liked her, even though I don’t watch Bigg Boss very often, but a lot of my friends do.”

“Also, there are clips of Bigg Boss all over Social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc and you love to watch it,” she continued. She strikes me as an extremely pretty young lady. Something about her eyes drew me in and I had to cast her. To be honest, I’ve never met her other than on this show. When she got my evil eye, it went from Raqesh through Karan to her, I knew she’d win. I had a feeling she’d win.


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