In this period of home quarantine, everyone is looking forward to entertaining themselves including celebrities. Most celebs are interacting with their fans through social media. But now, BookMyShow is taking care of the entertainment of both, the artists and the audiences by adding a new feature of live streaming with zero subscription cost.


Book my show, a popular e-commerce website that offers movie tickets, trailers, reviews, concert tickets and events near you. BookMyShow is now bringing live stream performances directly to your home. You can enjoy live stream performances by Prateek Kuhad, Indian Ocean, Vir Das, and many more artists, starting today onwards. You can enjoy live stream performances of your favorite artists from the comfort of your home.


The best thing is, you can enjoy all this for free without worrying about subscription bills and without spoiling quarantine period.  So here’s the list when you can catch your favorite entertainer live from 25th March to 1st April:-

1-      Live from HQ featuring Prateek Kuhad – 25 March 2020 (09:00-09:30)PM

2-      Live from HQ featuring Indian Ocean-26 March 2020 (09:00-09:30)PM

3-      Live from HQ featuring Karan Singh Magic- 27 March 2020 (09:00-09:30)PM

4-      Live from HQ featuring Vir Das- 28 March 2020 (09:00-09:30) PM

5-      Live from HQ featuring Rahul Ram & Sanjay Rajoura- 29 March 2020 (09:00-09:30) PM

6-      Live from HQ featuring Kamakshi Khanna – 30 March 2020 (09:00-09:30) PM

7-      Live from HQ featuring Varun Grover- 31 March 2020 (09:00-09:30) PM

8-      Live from HQ featuring Karsh Kale- 01 April 2020 (09:00-09:30) Pm


So, stay at home and stay safe. Also, don’t forget to entertain yourself in this quarantine period