Fardeen Khan, who recently completed his return movie Visfot, is now planning to produce movies as well. If everything goes according to plan, he might launch remakes of several of his late father, actor Feroz Khan’s renowned films in the coming years. Yes, I plan to do that, Fardeen conveyed.  I wish to carry on my father’s heritage. There have been rumours that his movie may be remade. I can’t reveal the titles just yet, but I’ll be pleased to provide more information as soon as it becomes available. We have a strong root on which to develop. The tough aspect is figuring out how to improve on the original. If I were to try a remake, I would take the modest stance of not harming the original in the process. If we mess with the memory of the original movie while attempting to create a new version, it will plague me for the rest of my life.

Fardeen also intends to support new material. My goal will be to contribute to the improvement of India’s creative industry, he adds, There are so many diverse genres to touch. We have a long and illustrious past, which I am now researching. There are a plethora of unique stories out there. There are tales on contemporary thinking, history, and innovation, among other things. All I want to do is test the limits.

Feroz Khan financed, helmed, and performed in movies such as Dharmatma, Qurbani, Janbaaz, Dayavan, and Yalgaar, in addition to the movies in which he appeared. In 1998, he directed Fardeen’s B-town debut, Prem Aggan. The maker was noted not just for his suave on-screen persona, but also for his ability to deliver subjects in a tasteful and innovative manner. “My father was incredibly innovative in terms of how he showed his personas,” Fardeen recalls. His movies were liberal and deviated from the norm. He was one of the rare moviemakers who were ahead of his time in terms of technology. He was a film student who was constantly curious to learn and adapt to current technology. When I was on set filming Visfot, I noticed various amazing gadgets and expensive gear and it reminded me of my father. I remember him and how he would examine his shots every day after work when I see the shot line-up produced and sent on phones. He would have adored being around present technology. Despite his liberal ideas, he was never one to brag about himself. He never sought to portray himself or his works in a certain light. 


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