People everywhere are scared to step out from their houses owing to the unfortunate pandemic and Covid19 and these people mostly include the aged ones who are over 60. 

Well, it’s not just you and me who are petrified of the Coronavirus affecting us and our friends and family, even Bollywood celebrities are scared of risking their lives if they step out to work on a daily basis, they are scared of going back to their normal life when clearly nothing seems normal.

One such veteran actress has come forward and spoken up about how dreading and unsafe it is to go back to their normal work life as of now. Aruna Irani, who has ruled over the hearts of many in the 80s and 90s era has talked about how difficult it is for people of her age to get out of the house to work and be around so many people when the 3rd wave of Covid19 is just about to hit. 

Although, the Entertainment industry is following all the safety rules and gradually accepting the fact that this is the new normal and they will have to get used to it and will have to work in the given circumstances, while young actors and actresses have even started with their movies and shooting by taking all the precautions and safety measures, at the same time the veteran actors and actresses do not find the situation favourable till now.

While giving an interview to a newspaper, Aruna Irani said that considering her age she does not believe that it’s the appropriate time to go back to work. A woman who has done over 500 films and has worked her entire life, for her sitting ideally at home is certainly not easy. On the question of whether or not she will be returning to work, she said, I really want to work again but the fear of life restricts me from doing that.

The veteran actress has just received the second dose of the vaccine and has many projects coming up to her but she feels that the environment is still not completely safe for working and she will not even think about it till December.