Kabir Khan, a very well-known Bollywood film director, recently released his big-budget film 83, in which actors like Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone star. The producers had high hopes for this film, but due to Corona, Ranveer Singh’s 83 underperformed at the box office. After the film squeaked through the Rs 100 crore mark in theatres, trade commentators labelled it a flop. The film’s producers and filmmakers are furious about the film’s dismal box office performance and are continuously attempting to figure out why.

Despite positive reviews from critics, the movie 83 did not perform well at the box office. After seeing the film 83, KRK also gave it a review, calling it “very uninteresting.” KRK has been dubbed a “filmy illiterate” by Kabir Khan, who claims that he does not comprehend movies and that his critiques should not be taken seriously. Kabir Khan has also attempted to bring the media to justice by criticising the bad coverage of the film 83.

In his most recent tweets, KRK responded appropriately to Kabir Khan, claiming that he has squandered Rs 400 crores from the filmmakers. ‘Director Kabir Khan has blamed the unfavourable press on the film 83 for the low performance,’ KRK posted in his tweets. He’s also said that KRK doesn’t understand movies and is a film illiterate. Mr. Kabir Khan, First and all, you must assess whether negative reporting about 83 was done or I am ignorant. Both can’t be true.

‘Director Kabir Khan has given four flop projects Phantom, Tubelight, The Forgotten Army, and Film 83 together,’ KRK added in his second tweet. They had squandered about Rs 400 crore in producer funds. Despite this, he refers to himself as a genius while dismissing others as illiterate. This proverb applies to them; your only hope is to be shameless.