Whenever the famous film director Anil Sharma will direct the guided Genius, then in such a manner will he do it. In view of this, it is worth to think that how did the producers who have given successful films in the past choose to choose this type of movie for their own Ladles career? Abbas Mushan did the same for the launch of his son Mustafa Burmawala and now Anil Sharma has joined this class too. If ever the list of the worst debut movie is made, then it is confirmed in place of Anil Sharma. Then, in the machine, Kira was the fine music of Advani’s glamor and Tanishq Bagchi. But seeing the genius, it seems that the worst thing is going to be a joke.

Actor (?) Was laughing in the movie’s loot, that the choreographer came in the middle of saying that why we should stay behind. We can dance to the actors in uncomfortable dance. By that time the speakers who came with their speakers came with their speakers, do not forget us. Such ears will burst, such ears will burst, that the viewer will also confuse the thinking that the tinnitus (slow sound is also the ear of acute resonance) is the hero of the film or us! The music department also said that we have done hard work (boss) (you will realize this by watching three songs within half an hour of the film’s opening).

Compliment was more, but what to do, the story is also to be told. So, this story is about two geniuses of humans. One uses one’s brain for good and then for the second evil. The hero of the film is Vasudev Shastri (Uttarkesh Sharma) who is a talented Orphan kid in Mathura. This orphaned child tops in the entrance of the IIT where he meets Nandini Chauhan (Ishita Chauhan). Between these two, some khichadi like love, during which the two sing songs change-change songs, dance in classes and speak dialog with ridiculous. Utkarsh, which itself, is called a genius, repeatedly says that it is directly related to RAW coming out from IIT. Or, RAW can find himself in this diamond. While displaying fingers on the screen appearing in the air, while remembering Vasudev, the director may remember that we are living in 2018, but after a few scenes, he forgets this thing again. So, during a RAW mission, Vasudev is badly injured and is fired by saying that he is not physically fit. In the rest of the picture, Vasudev appears to make his image, defeating the second Genius and save the lives of people.

In place of Ishita Chauhan, any BA / BSc will be taken to a girl who looks a little fair, even then this is the result. It is fun that the captive has given a feeling in the face of a single face in your face! Nawaz could also influence in some parts and due to him, some people will also go to see this movie. There have been some fine dialogues in their part. Artists such as Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Zulka, Zakir Hussain did something special to do. Apart from such a variety of things, whatever was the right thing, the script of the film fulfills the patriotism. The last information related to Genius on the go. The duration of the film is 2 hours 45 minutes.