Netflix’s TV series ‘Ghoul’, which has forced the eyes to shut off, has been released today. This is the first horror web series of Radhika Apte and Human Kole, which will make you stand. The ‘Solution’ broadcast on Netflix is ​​the first web series based on the horror story. Seeing this horror series of Radhika Apte, you will miss the Hollywood horror film Insidious, Conjuring and I Am Legend. Because in this web series the concept of ‘solution’ i.e. a ‘jinn’ has been taken. Because this concept is new, you have been able to connect to the movie.

‘Ghoul’ is a story based on a Military Interrogation Center where some dreaded terrorists are kept captive. Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) has become an army officer in ‘Ghoul’. He helps the police in capturing his abbu. For the service of the country, he is also arrested by his professor father who was giving information to the government students outside the government books.

The story is something that a prisoner is brought to the remote military inquiry center. In this question, the secret of some embarrassing stories of his life is revealed. Then the story progresses gradually. Nida is called on an unknown military interrogation center. Here he meets with Military Chief Rahul Dakuna (Human Kaul) and this special military unit is given responsibility. All of the terrorists’ donors Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj) has to be fired. But Ali is not a minor person, he is not only a human, but he also is not a human being. He is the solution or genie found in Arabic folk tales and for a particular purpose, he has reached this military unit.

Slur film is not just a horror movie. With this film, the producer and director have tried to take a lot of speculation. How to become a true patriot, the government’s syllabus, comments on religion, try to draw your attention towards some political events. They have been built in this story with a lot of times and those who have a good political understanding, they will catch these hints. The story of the series is full of impressive and suspense. Horror masala is a lot in the story. There are many twists in Dark Story that keep people’s interests up to the end.

Radhika Apte’s can be considered as the best web series so far. After acting intensely in the Sacred Games, Radhika Apte has proved that the word is really a bold actress in the ‘Ghoul’. So far you have seen the best of Bollywood’s best artists in all the web series of Netflix. ‘Sacred Games’ has been a recent example. You will also see the finest acting in the ‘Slurry’ series. Apart from Radhika Apte, it will be seen in the performances of great artists like Manav Kaul, Mahesh Balraj and Ratnavali Bhattacharjee. Overall, ‘Slurry’ is a fantastic web series weaved in the genre of mystery-thrill.