Well, to make your weekend choice simpler, we have curated for you a list of five of those hidden cinematic gems that you absolutely need to have on your binge-watch list.

web series stills/picture courtesy: PR

Are you someone who spends hours on the weekend just deciding what to watch on OTT platforms? Or are you one of those who is always on the lookout for those less sampled classics, who not everyone is talking about, but are worth every minute you spend watching them.

Well, to make your weekend choice simpler, we have curated for you a list of five of those hidden cinematic gems that you absolutely need to have on your binge-watch list.

Tin Star S1 & 2 (Drama, Crime, Thriller) – Watch On Voot Select


Set in the stunning Canadian Rockies, the show is based on an ex undercover UK cop turned police chief of a small town, doing what he must to defend his family from those in power whether it’s the oilmen, the preachers or the gangsters. The cast includes Tim Roth of Pulp Fiction fame & Mad Men’s starlet Christina Hendricks. Intense, gritty, and intriguing, the show’s fascinating exploration of complex characters going through dark times leaves viewers shaken, yet enthralled and hungry for more. The show released in the country on 1st September 2020 and is available exclusively on Voot Select.

Why you should watch it: Having an IMDB rating of 7.3, Tin Star has been critically praised by Telegraph UK naming it a ‘stylish thriller’ and has a 7.8 rating on TV.com.

The Good Doctor S1 To S3 (Medical Drama) – Watch On Sony Liv


Famous child actor Freddie Highmore gives his career-best performance as an autistic doctor, navigating his way through his challenging field and learning to socialise with his co-workers. The show explores how Highmore juggles his different roles in the hectic work environment of a hospital from handling patients to surgeries. The show is massively loved by fans for its representation of autistic people in mainstream media, without painting them in a negative, deficient light. While The Good Doctor is available on Sony LIV, viewers can also tune-in to the latest season on Colors Infinity, Monday – Friday at 10 pm

Why you should watch it: With a stellar IMDB rating of 8.3, The Good Doctor is considered to be amongst 2017’s biggest TV hits by Guardian and has a rating of 8.8 on TV.com.

The Sinner S1 To S3 (Mystery) – Watch On Netflix


The format of the show is very interesting, and certainly will leave you hooked to your screens. Each season explores a different criminal character, with a beatdown cop at the centre of it all. The slow burner unpeels layers of each character, revealing their traumatic pasts and complexities that drive them to commit these heinous acts. In addition, the show is shot beautifully, the moody aesthetic adding to the mystery of the thrilling show. Fans in India can watch The Sinner on Netflix.

Why you should watch it: The Sinner has an IMDB rating of 7.9 with The Guardian terming it as a big ‘US success’. The show has a glorious rating of 8.7 on TV.com.

Upload S1 (Si-Fi) – Watch On Amazon Prime Video


Set in a dystopian world, Upload’s premise is compelling, creative and will leave you to ponder about the endless possibilities our afterlives could comprise of. When computer engineer, Nathan, dies in a freak accident, he gets to choose his own virtual afterlife. Nathan is forced to face his controlling girlfriend, his growing attraction to his service rep, all while learning to live in this brand-new world. A unique blend of comedy and Si-Fi, the show is immensely entertaining while also subtly delving into the existential questions the afterlife poses. Upload is available in India on Amazon Prime Video.

Why you should watch it Upload has a scaling rating of 8.0 on IMDB and TV.Com.

Crashing S1 (Comedy-Drama) – Watch On Netflix


Created by the insightful, worldwide sensation Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this British comedy show illustrates the lives of several twenty-somethings living in an abandoned hospital building. Each character is an exceptional flavour personality and charm; all together they form a riot of madness and laughter. It also explores the different paths people take in lives and the way the connection between humans is infinite. Easily digestible and quite charming, the heart-warming show will leave laughing, crying and everything in between. Fans in India can watch Crashing only on Netflix India.

Why you should watch it: Crashing has an IMDB rating of 7.7 and has been defined as a ‘binge-worthy delight’ by Mashable