Clean Slate Filmz, the production company founded by Anushka Sharma’s brother Karnesh Ssharma, is venturing into foreign waters. Yorkshire County Cricket Club in Leeds, England, has secured an agreement with the creation house. Clean Slate has been named as the cricket stadium’s new primary partner, as well as the sponsorship at Yorkshire’s Headingley field, according to recent sources. The cricket venue will now be known as Clean Slate Headingley, according to Sky Sports.

The move comes after the club was embroiled in a major racism incident in 2020, when former cricketer Azeem Rafiq spoke out openly about the discriminatory words and treatment he received at the club for numerous years. Rafiq’s admission sparked a full-fledged investigation, with several of his claims proving to be true. Following Rafiq’s allegations, the Yorkshire County Cricket Club underwent several major reforms, as well as resignations, in the face of significant criticism.

With Karnesh’s Clean Slate Films now attempting to rebrand the cricket club with its suitable name, the creator is also intent on making it a welcoming environment. Lord Patel, Yorkshire’s chairman, and Darren Gough, Yorkshire’s managing director of cricket, arrived in Mumbai to officially establish the relationship.

Karnesh Ssharma, speaking on the collaboration, which is a first for an Indian company, said, We’re ecstatic to be working with Yorkshire and to be the first Indian company to have its name prominently displayed within a UK sports arena. Clean Slate prioritises diversity and inclusion in its entertainment lineup, and we are confident that our entertainment principles and mission will fit with those of Yorkshire County Cricket Club in the future.

He went on to say, Our goal is to make the Headingley arena a model of equality and inclusion for Yorkshire and sport for that matter. We anticipate a fruitful collaboration with the club.

Following the racism issue, the cricket club was barred from holding international matches and was forced to declare bankruptcy.


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