Fans can’t wait to see Alia Bhatt’s Gangubai Kathiawdi, which will be released in theatres in just one day. The movie’s trailer and songs have gotten a lot of positive feedback. Alia Bhatt’s memorable sentences from the movie have been the subject of countless Instagram reels. However, a video clip of the small girl mimicking Alia Bhatt went viral, and everyone except Kangana Ranaut showered her with affection.

B-town queen Kangana Ranaut opposed that video clip. She alleges that the movie portrays prostitution and that it is inappropriate for a young child to pursue this. Since Kangana Ranaut’s criticism, there has been a lot of discussions and now Alia Bhatt has finally spoken.

In an interview with the sources, Alia Bhatt was asked about the viral footage of the little kid. She responded by saying, It was extremely cute, in my viewpoint. I’m guessing it’s not performed without the presence of an elder. If the elder, who is presumably her mother, father, sister, or other loved one, is comfortable with it, I don’t think we should have any problems as a society.

The government needs to take measures against all the guardians who are sexualizing minor children for money to support a movie of a famous prostitute and pimp who gave girls to previous Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and climbed to prominence, Kangana Ranaut posted on Instagram. Please look at it, @SMRITIIRANIOFFICIALJI Minister of Women and Child Development.

Kangana had defended her criticism of the viral video in one of her media interactions, saying, It is in the best interests of exploited female children to emulate videos of TikTok, particularly the sex worker with a beedi in her mouth. Should my voice be silenced just because it does not serve someone’s economic interests? Nobody’s voice should ever be silenced. Social media should be utilised for more than just using filters and putting on your fine clothes; it should also be a place where individuals can express their opposing viewpoints.


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