The Punjabi music industry is undeniably one of the best that we have, and Punjabi music has been loved by people universally for decades now. The love for Punjabi music amongst youth and it’s impact is humongous.

To preserve the legacy of the massive Punjabi music industry, Punjabi megastar’s Gippy Grewal and Neeru Bajwa are all geared up for their upcoming film titled ‘Paani Ch Madhaani’.

The movie is said to be set in the era of the 1980s, the times when people used to listen to singers like Kuldip Manak and Chamkila and other prominent singers. The movie is supposed to be a musical, and hence the film’s album will have a total of six different songs featuring the lead cast of the movie Gippy Grewal and Neeru Bajwa. Reportedly, both the actors will be portrayed as singers themselves.

The music in the movie is directed by theĀ  renowned music composers of Punjabi film industry Gippy Grewal, Shah Ji and Jatinder Shah. The three legendary musicians have been working together for over 14years now and are absolutely impeccable together.

Shah Ji is honoured to be a part of this project, he said that since they have grown up listening to folk music it somewhere helped them to create the music with the same style and pattern.

The music we have listened to through the trailer of the film, we can be certain that the music has been composed by putting in lots of effort. The singers who have sung such amazing songs in the movie are Titliyaan fame singer Afsaana Khan, Gippy Grewal, Jasbir Jassi and Ranjit Bajwa. It is the first time that all these legendary singers will be coming together to develop an album.

Shah Ji further revealed about a song from the movie that is going to be released today, he said that the particular song has been developed with classical musical instruments for over 40 years and has a difficult pattern of rhythms.

The songs of the movie are written by Happy Raikoti. The makers of the movie are excited for the release of their first song.

The song is titled ‘JEAN’ and is sung by Gippy Grewal and Afsaana Khan in a pure Punjabi retro style. Panni Ch Madhaani is scheduled to release on 5th November.