Actor Gippy Grewal’s upcoming movie titled “Warning” trailer was out yesterday, Prince Kanwaljit is playing the main lead. The movie is Gippy’s first debut production which was released on digital platforms as a web series.

Pollywood singer, actor cum director Gippy Grewal is a versatile person who never misses an opportunity to entertain and earn the respect and love of his fans. He has proven once again that his mastery in all professions and now the exceptionally talented actor Prince Kanwaljit is leveling up with Gippy Grewal through “Warning”.

Due to the huge delay and also the long audience wait, the makers of the film decided to release the film on big screens on November 19th. The film’s trailer has been released recently, where Prince Kanwaljit’s striking and natural acting is intriguing the audience about the film.

Prince Kanwaljit is the main lead of the movie, Pamma , who is in rivalry with Dheeraj Kumar’s character, who is the main attraction of the movie. Warning is a gangster film that tells the story of an aspiring gangster, played by Prince Kanwaljit, who is hired to assassinate a very well-known and powerful local mob boss, and the exciting bends in the road his life takes after that.

The trailer is extremely excellent, packed with action, thrills, and a scramble of satire that will be enjoyed by Prince Kanwaljit and Gippy Grewal fans without any doubt. Warning is a Punjabi gangster drama. The film is produced and written by Gippy Grewal and directed by Amar Hundal.

The film also features Mahabir Bhullar, Aman Kotish, and Asish Duggal who will be seen playing significant roles. 

The trailer opens with Prince Kanwaljit and his perfect rendering of the dialogues and ends with the intense gaze of Gippy Grewal.