Imtiaz Ali’s directorial movie “Rockstar” was launched 10 years back, today. Over the years, it accomplished clique status with the film being most talked about and praised by everyone.

Discussing the film, the maker of the films said, if a film is being talked about and its character and circumstances are being taken ten years after it releases, that is incredible. Imtiaz Ali believes that a film belongs to its audiences more than its makers. He knows there are people who deserve this movie more than he does. The role of Jordan, which is played by Ranbir Kapoor, left an unforgettable impression in everyone’s mind.

On this special day, Ali shared a few things, he said that Ranbir Kapoor is not his first choice at all. He started attempting to make Rockstar even before Ranbir turned into an actor. Ali said, at the point when he started recounting the story to him. He saw Jordan in him.

Ranbir Kapoor also stated that ten years ago he starred in his first movie “Rockstar” which was released on 11-11-11 and this movie totally changed his life after that day. And he is very glad to be a part of the movie.

One of the most important things in this movie is the songs which are composed by the Oscar-winning musician A.R. Rahman. The music collection of the movies includes Kun Faya Kun, Phir se Udd Chala, Katiya Karoon, and many more created by A.R. Rahman, which is everyone’s favorite playlist. Music tracks like “Jo Bhi Main ”, which drew out the situation of the hero, ” Sadda Haq ” about the artistic angst, “Kun Faya Kun ” which is about life and music. “Tum ho ” the quest for ‘home’ in ‘Naadaan Parindey’ , among others keeps everyone in their priority.

This film also featured newcomer Nargis Fakri as Heer, Kapoor’s love interest.