Today Press conference has organised in Chandigarh where all the film cast of Yara Ve was present. The film stars including Yuvraj Hans, Gagan Kokri , Monica Gill and and Raghveer Boli is in the main role.

Other star cast includes veteran actors Yograj Singh , Sardar Sohi ,Nirmal Rishi , Hobby Dhaliwal ,Malkit Rauni , Seema Kaushal ,BN Sharma , Raghveer Boli , Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu and Rana Jung Bahadur . This story is written by Rupinder Inderjit directed by Rakesh Mehta ,produced by Balley Singh Kakar.

The Director Rakesh Mehta said,:“This movie is full of emotions, drama,romance and comedy it is set in the testing times of India- Pakistan partition. The relationship between India and Pakistan were not always bitter; We have tried to remember the days when there was brotherhood beyond borders, and we have tried to create those years and really hope that Yaara Ve will live up to the expectations of the audience”.

Gagan Kokri, the star of this movie also concluded; Yaara Ve is a quite unique concept and I am glad to be part of this film. This is a period film set in the times when people and relations were pure, heartfelt and unconditional. I really hope we have done justice to those times when India and Pakistan shared love and friendship . People will definitely feel connected to all the emotions we have tried to portray in the movie”.

Monica Gill said:“Yaara Ve” is probably the most fulfilling film I would have done .The look and feel of the film is simple but it was really difficult to portray the times we have only heard from our grandparents . I really hope the audiences will be able to relate to Naseebo and love her character”.

And producer of the film Balley Singh Kakar also shared his thoughts and told; Yaara Ve is our first project where we have tried to keep it close to the reality as possible. I have immense faith in Rakesh ji ‘s vision and research and have seen all the actors giving their 100 percent on the sets of this film. I am sure it will be loved and we promise to always bring out such different concepts on silver screen”.

This movie will release on 5th April 2019 distribution of the film is done by the Munish Sahni’s Omjee Group.