Unusually tight-lipped about her relationship with Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora let her guards down during an interaction with Neha Dhupia on the latter’s chat show, No Filter Neha. Even though the actor- model did not reveal details of her rumoured upcoming nuptials with the Panipat actor, she did discuss what according to her was her ideal wedding plan.
Arora revealed that she would prefer a beach wedding that has her walk down the aisle in an Elie Saab gown. “I’m all about a white wedding, [and have] always liked the [ concept] of bridesmaids. They would be my closest girl [friends]. my girl gang,” Arora said, adding that her best woman would be “my closest friend, Vahbiz Mehta.” Even though they frequent one another’s Instagram posts, Arora revealed that Kapoor isn’t particularly fond of her photography skills. “He thinks I do a crappy job of taking his pictures.
He clicks better pictures of me, so, the pictures I take fail in comparison,” said Arora who has seen each movie featuring the actor. Kapoor, she says, “is perfect,” but isn’t the best at handling his money.

The best way to appease Arora is by becoming an “animal person”. “[I like someone who is] a dog person, or a cat person. [ Pets] become family. For me, [my dog] Casper is [part of the family]. in fact, my son says that [I] love [ Casper] more than I love him.

He asks, ‘mamma, do you love Casper or me?’ I say, I have two boys and I love you both equally