Kapil Sharma is currently one of the most popular comedians in the industry. His comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show, is one of the most prominent places for well-known Bollywood stars to promote their new films.

We all know that Kapil has come a long way in the industry, from being a struggling comedian, reality show participant, and standup comic to becoming the best in the industry. While Kapil is recognised as the “King of Comedy,” he credits his achievement and fame to Archana Puran Singh, who was instrumental in his rise to fame.


Archana Ji played a great part in making me a star because she used to praise me and encouraged me so much throughout my competition days, and that’s exactly what an artist needs; it boosts morale. There is no such formality between us; we are incredible companions, and that is the means by which we can test each other’s sanity in front of an audience, Kapil Sharma said in an interview with the sources.

For a long time, The Kapil Sharma Show has been entertaining and poking the audience’s funny bone. The show has become every fan’s favourite and has a high likelihood of being watched again. Many famous people enjoy their time on the show and laud Kapil for his wit and comedy. Because of his show, Kapil was able to meet a slew of celebrities that he had long admired.

Whoever’s fan I was, they all came to see me at home or during the taping of my show. God is amazing; during my shoot, I met Bachchan Saab (Amitabh Bachchan) for the first time! Do you remember who was on my first programme (Comedy Nights with Kapil, in 2013)? Dharam paji (Dharmendra) is a Punjabi celebrity. The stars and great singers have greeted me with such affection, telling me, “I’m really a huge fan of yours!” “What could be better than that?” he wondered.


The OTT platform, Netflix has launched the trailer for I’m Not Done Yet, which stars TV host and comedian Kapil Sharma’s first-ever special comedy event. Kapil will be seen discussing his ambition to continuously reinvent himself, showcasing his creative talent, and announcing that “He’s Not Done Yet.” While entertaining us, he is shown reminiscing about his history, opening up about his family, his social media gaffes, and his love for music and theatre. On January 28, the stand-up special will be launched.