The sources have recently uncovered a major Bollywood story regarding the late actress Meena Kumari. T-Series is considering filming a biopic about the legendary actress, and Kriti Sanon has been cast as Meena Kumari.

Sanon has yet to sign the contract, but she appears to be overjoyed and pleased with the offer. She has only shared it with people in whom she has full faith. She is being regarded as a good performer following the release of ‘Mimi’ and a handful of her other recent efforts. Of course, a movie on Meena Kumari will be a big task for her if she decides to undertake it, but she might be up for it.

If everything goes according to plan, the picture might hit theatres soon. The biopic’s director has been narrowed down to a few choices; now we’ll see who gets the job. Other modalities are being worked out as well. An OTT platform, on the other hand, is planning a web series based on the life of Meena Kumari, which has already been announced. That venture is primarily based on her relationship with Kamal Amrohi. A formal confirmation for the T-Series film could be coming shortly. Then there’s a chance we’ll see a race to the finish line! We have a thing for sprints, don’t we?

Kriti had previously indicated interest in working on Madhubala and Meena Kumari’s biopics. Both were renowned leading ladies of their period, according to Kriti, and little is known about their lives. Madhur Bhushan is rumoured to be producing the film based on Madhubala’s life. Madhubala’s sister is Madhur Bhushan.

Tajdar Amrohi, Kamal Amrohi’s son, had stated that he was interested in seeing a biopic on his father and chhoti ammi Meena Kumari. Tajdar also mentioned that because it was such a large undertaking, it would take some time.


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